Deloitte IPANZ Public Sector Excellence Awards 2016 winners' seminars

Making a Difference doing the right things right, Inland Revenue Department, 16 October 2016

Inland Revenue explained how they transformed their collections customer service processes and team culture to reduce customer debt and unfiled returns, and obtain $1.47 billion additional revenue to fund government services.

Working together gives kids better career choices and real results, Ministry of Education and Tertiary Education Commission, 26 October 2016

Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission explained how they brought government agencies, the education sector, industry and employers together to establish a new, collaborative and highly successful education environment Trades Academies.

Digital babies - shifting baby-related transactions with government from paper to digital, Department of Internal Affairs, 2 November 2016

This seminar provided further details on the Birth Registrations Online project and shared the exciting next step in cross agency digital transformation SmartStart.