Ministers, Minders and Mandarins

Public service neutrality in Wellington has been researched for over 15 years by Dr Chris Eichbaum of Victoria University of Wellington's School of Government and Massey University Professor of Politics Richard Shaw.

At this event they launched their latest book: Ministers, Minders and Mandarins: An International Study of Relationships at the Executive Summit of Parliamentary Democracies. It includes case studies examining the influence that political staff can have on political neutrality and free and frank advice.

Dr Eichbaum notes it is timely given the proposed reform of the State Sector Act which will be predicated on the values and principles of the state sector including political neutrality and free and frank advice.

See their slides in the attached documents.

Note: the eBook version is priced from £22/$31 from Google Play, and other eBook vendors, while in print the book can be ordered from the Edward Elgar Publishing website.