Results from IPANZ New Professionals Survey

In November, the IPANZ New Professionals Committee undertook a survey of our members to stocktake how they're feeling in their work life as well as how the New Professionals Committee can continue to support their progression. This was the first survey of its kind since 2015 and was timely considering the Committee has just hosted our biennial Conference in October. We had 68 responses or around a 5% response rate which revealed some useful trends and patterns. Of note:

  • 79% of our NPs are aged between 19-29.
  • 42% are in their first 'career job'.
  • 43% have between 1-2 years’ experience. So they are totally new to the workplace after either secondary or tertiary study.
  • 78% are in the public sector, 22% in the private sector. So while IPANZ is focused on supporting those working in the public sector, we still cater to a significant amount of people working in the private sector who want to engage with or even just learn more about the public sector.
  • 83% are based in Wellington. We know Wellington has the lion's share of public sector workers but this still suggests we could be doing more to engage with New Professionals outside of the capital.
  • 87% are satisfied with what they are doing at work 64% are satisfied with access to development opportunities.
  • 76% want access to external training, 75% to secondments and 72% to mentoring. This is useful guidance to employers, especially Ministries about how they can engage and retain new professionals in their organisations.
  • 82% want IPANZ New Professionals to provide events around career development.
  • 64% are satisfied/very satisfied with what IPANZ New Professionals provides them
  • Over 50% have heard about us through word of mouth, followed by our website (37%). Only 2% of respondents indicated they had heard of IPANZ New Professionals through social media. This shows we need to do a much better job at promoting ourselves.

The New Professionals Committee reviewed the results of the survey at our last committee meeting of the year and used it to help us plan our initiatives for 2019. A big thank you to everyone who took part in the survey and who supported the committee by attending events this year. For any questions about the survey results please contact the IPANZ Office at