Meet the Chiefs Breakfast with Bernadette Cavanagh

In the first, IPANZ New Professionals - Meet the Chiefs Breakfast for 2019, Bernadette Cavanagh, Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage shared her journey through the public service. 

Bernadette charted her career using humour and raw honesty, from working in policy teams where it was assumed she was a PA, her progression to managerial roles, several overseas MFAT postings, through to managing Helen Clark's bid to become the United Nations Secretary-General and her recent appointment as Chief Executive of a government agency.

Bernadette left attendees with the following three tips:

  1. Don't put limits on yourself.
  2. Always take the hardest options, as that's where the best learnings are.
  3. Take time to enjoy the day - sit back and enjoy the role you are in and the opportunities it provides.