September 2019 42.3

Highlight of this issue focusing on The 21st Century Public Servant:

Getting From Here to There - The 21st Century Public Servant

In their 2019 research, University of Birmingham researchers Catherine Needham and Catherine Mangan identified 10 traits which they believe will become core capabilities for future Public Servants. The traits suggest a growing focus on entrepreneurial and relational skills, leading to a greater emphasis on collaborative engagement and innovative design. The article explores the research and compares how it relates to New Zealand's public sector.

Innovation in a Complex World

Gael Surgeoner, Director Community and Social Innovation for the Southern Initiative (TSI) shares her thoughts on how the public sector can innovate to deal with increasingly complex demands - she sees a future public service where agility and flexibility will become essential.

Decolonising Museum Practice: New Insights for Government?

This article explores the 4-year partnership between Far North Iwi Ngāti Kuri and Auckland Museum and the lessons for the public service. There is much work to be done in this space, but projects like this provide opportunities to identify the ingredients of successful partnerships.