December 2019 42.4

The latest issue of  Public Sector Journal focusing on Wellbeing is brimming with interesting and relevant content. Here are some bite-sized summaries of some of the best articles to help you decide where to start.  

Wellbeing – Adding the Local Dimension

Mike Reid argues that it is at the local level that wellbeing is experienced by citizens. It is at the local level that the wellbeing policies will have an impact. What this means is national policy and central government players have to interact very effectively with local players, and that includes local government and iwi, hapu, non-governmental organisations and communities themselves. This is quite a radical shift with potentially a stronger role for local councils in the design and commissioning of centrally held public services.

Lifting the Lid on Inequalities

David Lovatt of Deloitte draws out the deep challenge of inequities. He accentuates the warning that historical resource allocations and existing policies and rules may be infused with unconscious bias and the politics of disadvantage. He emphasises the importance of ensuring wellbeing is redistributed.

The 15 March Attacks - Agility and Collaboration in the Policy Response

Many of us wondered at the speed at which the Government was able to respond so quickly to the change in the gun laws. Of course the spirit of service in the public sector was behind it. The story of how they were able to work so quickly is most interesting.