Creating an Inclusive Culture in the New Zealand Workplace

Diverse and inclusive workplaces benefit everyone but it can be a challenge to develop them. At a special event held with Victoria University of Wellington School of Business and Government, an expert panel discussed the challenges for New Zealand organisations in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces as well as the immense opportunities that exist.

Dr Christian Yao, Senior Lecturer at Wellington School of Business and Government, Simone Robbers, Assistant Governor/GM Governance, Strategy and Corporate Relations at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Deb Te Kawa, IPANZ board member, and Pia Steiner, Inclusion and Diversity Manager at Kiwibank took part in a fascinating panel that highlighted while progress is being made, there is still a long way to go.

Key takeaways from the discussion included the importance of focussing on improving diversity and inclusion—not just one or the other, elevating marginalised voices, encouraging and planning open dialogue that everyone feels comfortable engaging in, not being afraid of conflict, and the benefits that creating diverse and inclusive workplaces have for businesses, society, and individuals.

“It is key for organisations to create diverse and inclusive workplaces if they are going to succeed socially and economically,” Event host, Professor Ian Williamson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Wellington School of Business and Government.