Kia Kaha, Te Reo Maori! Kia Kaha, Aotearoa!

Te reo Māori has played a central role in the Crown’s response to the coronavirus or as our translators named it: Mate Korona. In the first days of lockdown, Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori assembled our nation’s leading translators into a specialist, rapid response reo Māori team. By collaborating as a team, peer reviewing, and creating new terms related to the virus, they provided translations seven days a week, often well into the early hours.

“With the wellbeing of our families at stake, it has been critical to ensure that te reo messaging about COVID-19 has been accurate, timely, and agile. We are indebted to our language experts who came together to fight the virus in te reo Māori,” says Māori Language Commission chief executive, Ngahiwi Apanui.

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