Building Effective Engagement Through Social Media

With over 1.7 million followers across their social media platforms - NZ Police have arguably the largest social media presence of all New Zealand’s Public Sector agencies.

In this session, Jess Bovey, Senior Social Media Advisor, and Paul Halford, Marketing and Brand Manager shared some of their strategies for success and the ways they manage the risks posed in the complex social media environment. 

Here are some of our take-away tips for public sector agencies using social media:

  • Be very clear about the drivers/reasons/objectives you are on social media and link all the content back to these - it will also help you respond to the unexpected!
  • Ensure you provide clear policies and training for everyone posting/responding on social media platforms
  • Build good relationships with your platform providers - this will help you respond quickly to shut down objectional content and to manage trolls.
  • Posts need to be timely and relevant to the target audience
  • Set strong profanity filters
  • Moderation, Moderation, Moderation
  • Ensure all content reflects your organisational values

You can view the PowerPoint presentation and video recording of this session below.