Leadership Through Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the world into a prolonged crisis, with people turning to their leaders to guide them through it—but what does effective leadership look like? A panel of experts, including Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Sarah Stuart-Black and Dame Therese Walsh explored this question in a unique webinar,

We highly recommend watching the recorded webinar if you couldn't join us. 

A few key lessons we took away:


  • Be authentic, open, honest, deliberate, decisive. 
  • Balance talking about the crisis today with the vision for the days ahead - give people a vision to work towards.


  • Put people first 
  • Ensure you have strong relationships before a crisis - you will likely need to draw on existing networks and ask people/teams to do things they wouldn’t normally be asked to do.


  • Leadership is an invitation to collective action – provide a clear and common purpose and vision to the people you lead. 
  • Enable and empower those around you to lead without permission – you can’t do everything.

Managing wellbeing: 

  • Provide opportunities to take a breath when things are feeling difficult – step away, unpack the issues and then tackle one piece at a time. The impossible, will quickly become possible.
  • it's ok to not be ok – humanise the experience, share the good and bad, support each other.