Public Sector Reputation 2020 - WEBINAR

IPANZ and Deloitte hosted a webinar examining the factors that shape public perception of the reputation of Public Sector agencies, which reached record highs as the COVID-19 crisis struck earlier this year.

Presenters Edward Langley, Research Director from Colmar Brunton and Rhys Jones, Chief Executive of Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) discussed the results from the 2020 Public Sector Reputation Index study and how the public are responding to Public Sector messaging in the post-lockdown environment.

Some key points from the webinar were:

  • The Public Sector Reputation Index tests public perception across four pillars: Trust; Social Responsibility; Leadership; and Fairness.
  • In times of crisis Trust becomes the more important pillar shaping public sector reputation.
  • Trust has grown through strong government communications.
  • Delivering outstanding customer experiences is more important for some agencies than other, i.e. IRD or ACC. This becomes even more critical for reputation during a crisis.
  • Building legitimacy of purpose is essential to building a positive reputation.
  • Public Sector agencies can no longer work in silos - improving the delivery of services and outcome to the public requires collaboration and innovation.
  • The agility of Public Sector agencies to adapt to changes in environment will impact on the publics' trust and ultimately the reputation of the sector.
  • The way your agency recovers from challenges will define the reputation of your agency more so than the challenges themselves.