Ministry of Possibilities - UAE

The United Arab Emirates has a Ministry of Possibilities

Our two countries are very different - but all governments are trying to tackle the difficult challenges, and the UAE have chosen the following way. There may be some ideas in here to spark our thinking in New Zealand.

In April 2019, the UAE Government launched Ministry of Possibilities which represents the next generation of government operations. The ministry intends to tackle impossible challenges effectively through new innovative models and working methods aiming to improve people’s quality of life.

The ministry is virtual, with no minister, and is managed by the members of the UAE Cabinet.

The first phase of the ministry’s work included several national programmes in the form of four departments which are:

  • Department of Anticipatory Services – it aims to redefine customer experience in all areas and provides anticipatory services to the public
  • Department of Behavioral Rewards – it aims to develop an approach for incentivising positive behaviour through a point-based rewards system that can be used in payments for government services
  • Department of UAE Talent – it aims to create a nurturing environment to empower Emiratis to be part of the country’s development and future design
  • Department of Government Procurement – it aims to make government procurement faster and more accessible, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

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