As Presented in the Oranga Tamariki Annual Report

Annual Reports are not usually top of the list for people’s reading. So here are some key points made in the annual report -

  • Lowest number of children entering care since 2004.
  • Lowest number of children in custody since the establishment of Oranga Tamariki.
  • Higher payments and more training for over 3500 caregivers, National Care Standards in place.
  • Disparities for tamariki and rangatahi improving at a faster rate than those of Pakeha.
  • 11 Whānau Care Partnerships, up from 0 in 2017. Potentially reaching over 50% of the children needing care or currently in care.
  • 18 iwi Māori Providers providing care, up from 11 in 2017.
  • Nearly doubling of investment in iwi organisations to $90m, up from $55m in 2017.
  • Reduction in Social Worker caseload work from 1:31 to 1:21, to now 1:19 (as of Feb)
  • Staff turnover from 13.4% (14.2% for Social Workers) down to 8.7% (5.8% for Social Workers).
  • Pay equity delivered, gender pay gap closed, and staff engagement 5% above public service benchmark.

If you wish to dig further, there is greater detail in these slides which was presented to the Select Committee - PowerPoint Presentation (