Co-Design Symposium - Ways of Being, Knowing and Doing

In July of this year, IPANZ partnered with The Southern Initiative, the Tuakana Teina Evaluation Collective, Nga Aho Maori design practitioners and Allen and Clarke to deliver an inspiring online symposium. The collective offered - deep experience of both authentic co-design processes and tikanga Maori combined with superb participative technology.

IPANZ worked on this symposium for four main reasons - 

  • Co-design is an overused and abused term. We have heard the term “co-design” being used frequently, with practice variable and not always authentic.
  • Culturally grounded practices. There is a tension between dominant euro-centric models and Te Tiriti models. We wanted to run a co design session that centred on culturally grounded, indigenous based practices.
  • A rethink of the “way we do things”. If we as a public service do not go about some of our work in a different way, we will fail in some vital areas of our mahi.
  • Genuine co-design is a challenge for public servants. We knew that this “way of being, knowing and doing” is not business-as-usual in the public service context. But it is possible; this event proved that for sure! IPANZ wants to inform, inspire and support public servants.

We hope to find ways to share the learnings from the symposium more widely, in the meantime, please see attached the programme which gives you a glimpse of what was covered and the speakers who contributed.

You can view the resources and videos from the symposium on The Auckland Co-Design Lab website - -