Leadership for Digital Transformation

On 3 November, IPANZ held an event exploring the issues the Public Service faces Leading Digital Transformation. Panelists Naomi Ferguson - Chief Executive of Inland Revenue, Richard Foy - Director of the Te Puna Rua Collaboration, Department of Internal Affairs, and Pia Andrews - Open Data & Digital Government Specialist, in conversation with IPANZ president Liz MacPherson shared their vision for the future, the capability gaps within the sector, and the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.

Here are some of the messages from this session –

  • Digital Transformation is not an all or nothing thing. It should be multi-channel and highly adaptable
  • The wellbeing of all the people we serve must be at the centre of change – design to deliver to the extremes, start with considering our highest needs citizens
  • Providing a dignified experience, is more important than providing an efficient experience
  • Multi-disciplinary teams are critical – include policy, design, IT, data, customer service. Functional/Organisational Segmentation hinders successful outcomes
  • Public Sector systems need to be transparent and trusted. We have the opportunity to use technology to build trust – providing transparency of/for information and its use. Enabling citizens to control their interactions with government
  • Data is People. Engage with citizens from the start - what do you need to trust us with your information?
  • Trust is fragile, think of a social contract – how will we hold ourselves to account? Who has oversight? How do we operate in a trustworthy manner? Make it clear to everyone.
  • Sector Capability –
    • you have to keep investing in building systems and people capability
    • Partner with external providers to build capability
    • Empower and enable staff to work differently and grow their digital capability
  • The technology shouldn’t limit or accelerate digital services – the need and vision should
  • Acknowledge different knowledge systems, particularly that of Tangata Whenua

This video recording of the session is well worth viewing when you have time.