New Professionals Wellbeing Strategy - Designing Work for Wellbeing

On Wednesday 8 December the IPANZ New Professionals held an awesome session with Kate Milburn and Inspector Rebecca Hill on wellbeing strategies and how we can embed them into our work and our lives. Kate works for Umbrella, NZ’s leading corporate wellbeing organisation, and is a registered organisational psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working with leaders across the public sector. Inspector Rebecca has been with NZ Police for 25 years, and is a Health Promotions Advisory Manager for NZ Police’s Safer People programme. 

They both highlighted the current state challenges seen in organisations and how employers can design and embed wellbeing into our every day work practices. While the session was mainly led by both speakers, we had a lot of engaging ‘back-and-forth’ with attendees, and we talked about why investing in mental health was important and how we can avoid burnout and presenteeism. Both speakers highlighted the ‘Te Whare Tapa Whā’ model developed by Sir Mason Durie, and presented suggestions on how we can embed wellbeing short-term and long-term strategies.