Systemic Change in the Public Service to Better Enable Collaboration

Public sector agencies are endeavouring to work better collaboratively - joint work across agency and sector boundaries. The Public Sector Act 2020 puts in legislation a commitment to do so. However, despite good intentions, collaborative initiatives encounter barriers due to the way government operates.

This webinar series canvassed the following three questions:

  • What has the public service done so far to better enable collaborative work?
  • What can be done next to further reduce barriers to collaborative work?
  • What are the difficult issues for the public service and how can these complex trade-offs be addressed?

You can view the recordings of each webinar below -

Webinar 1 - A Focus on the Hardwired Levels, Machinery of Government, Structural and Accountability Rifts

Webinar 1 Resources - 

Webinar 2 - A Focus on Soft Levers, Behavioural Culture and Relational Shifts

Webinar 3 - A Focus on Public Service Collaboration with Community and Iwi

Webinar Resources -