2018 Award Categories

Categories for the Deloitte IPANZ Public Sector Excellence Awards 2018 are:

The Prime Minister’s Award for Public Sector Excellence will be presented to one of the category winners (excluding the Young Professional of the Year). This award recognises outstanding achievement and a sustained commitment to excellence.

All the nominated initiatives, projects or programmes in each award category, will be evaluated against the same criteria for excellence, and also against each of the relevant Award specific criteria.

The excellence criteria are:


  • Demonstrates visionary leadership within an organisation, the public sector, and/or the wider community
  • Demonstrates a commitment to openness and accountability
  • Presents an aspirational role model for the wider public sector through professionalism and achievement.


  • Demonstrates innovative approaches through the use of research, creative concepts, cutting edge technologies or new policy development
  • Demonstrates innovative systems integration, business model development, or performance or service enhancements
  • Provides evidence of focus on implementation and durable solutions.


  • Provides evidence that the initiative has already achieved real results
  • Provides evidence of an improvement in at least one of the following:

- outcomes for New Zealanders and/or New Zealand
- organisational performance in terms of productivity
- the quality of service to clients and communities
- New Zealanders’ participation in and satisfaction with the processes of government and the public service.

The excellence criteria carry a weighting of 50%, with award category specific criteria carrying the other 50% weighting.

Nominations for the Deloitte IPANZ Public Sector Excellence Awards 2018 have now closed.

For further information on the Awards, please contact Sandra Julian via email ipanzawards@auaha.co.nz
or phone 04 910 5473.