Review of Retirement Income Policies, Commission for Financial Capability

Toys talk retirement€™, seven short animated videos featuring superheroes, was part of a successful seven-month campaign to engage the public in a Review of Retirement Income Policies. Rather than create a report with limited engagement, read by a few, the Commission sought a new approach to raise public awareness of an ageing population and what that means.

It used video, social media, activations, surveys and media articles, brought together in an interactive portal with 226 pieces of content underneath seven themes and the superhero videos. The campaign achieved great results: nearly 40,000 unique visitors to the website, and 11,200 completed surveys. It has sparked an ongoing conversation about our ageing population and workforce and has informed the recommendations of the review, currently being considered by government.

By presenting information in a way that is relevant, interesting, jargon-free and accessible, the media and the public engaged to an unprecedented level.