Mon 21 Nov 2022 AT 17:30 pm , Wellington

New Professionals - How to engage effectively with: Your manager

The New Professionals are launching a new series of events designed to help you navigate conversations at work and engage effectively with…senior leaders, Ministers, those you want to support directly, those that are directly supporting you etc.

First up, we are covering conversations with our managers. Do you want to know how to the make the most of time with your manager? Do you feel like you’ve been learning by doing and that’s going fine, but you’re not always sure what you’re supposed to say and want to better understand their perspective?

The New Professionals welcome you to hear from a panel of managers working in or alongside the public service. The panel will shed light on what’s ‘normal’, how and when they’d expect a new professional to raise something, and what information they may need to help. Their discussion will be loosely structured and cover topics like your workload, development, progression, role clarity and stretch. After the panel speaks, you’ll have an opportunity to ask the panel questions and talk through your thoughts and feelings with other new professionals.

The panel

  • Screening and Analysis Manager at Commerce Commission – Grant Barrott has been a people leader for nearly 30 years in both the private and public sector. Often his roles have involved working with people who are starting their careers in compliance, regulatory and customer service fields. In his current role, Grant leads the team responsible for managing the Commission’s ‘front door’ and who provide insight into the trends and harms that guide future regulatory action.
  • Technology Consulting Manager at Deloitte – Randall Smith has 6 years’ experience across a range of roles and sectors, starting in Tertiary education, through private sector agri-business and currently in Public Health. His current role involves project managing a large scale, complex change programme for a Population Health Technology Platform and has a real focus on coaching, mentoring and developing new professionals in technology.
  • Criminal Justice Policy Manager at the Ministry of Justice – Alida started her career as a lawyer, working for one of New Zealand’s pre-eminent national law firms for 8 years. Having worked alongside government in her public law practice, Alida made the switch to the public sector and policy in 2015. She has been a people leader since 2019, leading her team through major projects on counter-terrorism law reform, organised crime, and more. She is passionate about people-centred management.
  • Criminal Justice Policy Manager at the Ministry of Justice - Sally started her career in education, teaching in both primary and tertiary sectors. Sally joined the public service since 2013 – working in operational policy at Social Development with a focus on improving access to social services, before coming to Justice to work on implementing improvements in Courts. Sally has been with Justice Policy since 2019, and worked on cannabis legalisation, alcohol regulation, sexual violence in the criminal law, and other reforms. She enjoys working at the nexus of justice, social, and health issues and navigating the tricky interface between policy and politics.