Wed 28 Sep 2011 AT 17:30 pm , Wellington

Women in Top Leadership: NZ Falls Behind

Women in Top Leadership: NZ Falls Behind


The seminar will feature Anne Fitzpatrick's recent post graduate research findings. Anne is a leadership coach, mentor and facilitator and runs her own practice 'Lead to Success'. Prior to studying for her Graduate Diploma in Psychology she was a Relationship Manager with the Leadership Development Centre. Previous positions she has held include Chief Executive of NZ Women's Golf, senior recruitment and OD consultant with Sheffield and leader of a team of advisors to the SSC on the employment of public service Chief Executives.


Other panel members are Amanda Ellis and Len Cook. They will provide commentary on the research findings, discuss the public policy implications, and comment on New Zealand and international policies to improve the representation and development of women for top leadership roles.


Amanda Ellis is the head of the New Zealand Aid Programme and Deputy Secretary International Development for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Amanda will comment on the international trends, policies and initiatives being taken to improve the representation and development of women for leadership roles. She has extensive experience in this field having previously been Lead Specialist (Gender) in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Group at the World Bank. In 2004 she founded the Gender Entrepreneurship Markets programme at the International Finance Corporation.


Len Cook is the President of IPANZ and former NZ and UK Government Statistician. Len will compare the NZ and UK public service senior executive development programmes and CE recruitment processes. He will comment on the effect these have on the appointment of women to leadership roles in the public service in both countries.


Please join us for drinks and nibbles at 5:30 pm. The seminar will commence at 6pm.


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