Thu 30 Jun 2016 AT 17:30 pm

Integrated Data Infrastructure - Auckland Seminar


Statistics New Zealand’s goal is to unleash the power of data to change lives. The Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) was introduced to bring together tax, health, justice, education and ACC data to provide the insights government needs to improve social and economic outcomes for New Zealand and deliver better services to the public.


Liz MacPherson, Government Chief Statistician and Chief Executive of Statistics New Zealand will discuss how the IDI works and how it is being used to address complex issues. 


About Our Speaker

Liz MacPherson is a public servant with 24 years experience, including a decade working at senior leadership level in the public sector.


Liz was appointed to the role of Government Statistician and Chief Executive of Statistics NZ in August 2013.


Before joining Statistics NZ, Liz held several senior roles over a 20-year period at the Department of Labour, the Ministry of Economic Development (MED), and more recently the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).


As a Deputy Secretary and member of the Executive Leadership Team at MED, Liz led three branches, covering various policy and regulatory areas including tourism, consumer affairs, major events, regulatory policy, small- and medium-sized enterprises, environmental regulation, and energy safety.


Liz was Acting Chief Executive of MED in the lead-up to MBIE’s formation. As a member of the new MBIE Establishment Executive Leadership Team, she led the Labour part of the MBIE ‘federation’. When the new MBIE structure was introduced in November 2012, Liz became MBIE’s Deputy Chief Executive Strategy and Governance. This role involved shaping MBIE’s strategy and direction and responsibility for the Government’s Business Growth Agenda and MBIE’s Canterbury Economic Recovery work.


Liz joined the public sector with a strong appetite to make a difference. Despite being a self-confessed geek, she is very much a people person with a strong pragmatic side. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and sharing good food with friends and family. In her (rare) spare time, Liz coaches netball, and as a trained opera singer has been known to shine during organisational Christmas carol performances.

      Liz MacPherson