Tue 23 Oct 2012 AT 12:15 pm , Wellington

100 Year Perspective - The Eighties - A Retrospective View



IPANZ and Ministry of Culture and Heritage are jointly running a series of four lunchtime seminars.  Join us for these enlightening and engaging presentations which kick off the year long Centenary Celebration Programme.

The third seminar in this four part 100 Year Perspective - the History of the Legislation series is

The Eighties - A Retrospective View

presented by Prof. Jonathon Boston, Professor of Public Policy, VUW

In 1912 the New Zealand Public Service Act came in to effect and became a cornerstone of New Zealand’s unwritten constitution. 


The passing of the Act has led to 100 years of professional and independent public service.


Based on the principles of political neutrality and a unified career service, arrangements that came into force on 1 April 1913 served New Zealand well through two world wars, a depression, the challenges of the post-war world after 1945, and beyond.


The State Sector Act 1988 and the Public Finance Act 1989 made significant change to aspects of the system of government but the principles on which the 1912 Act was built still provide the foundations of the Public Service in New Zealand.


The speakers will explore the political context in which the 1912 Act was enacted, the long period of continuity until 1988, the 1980s “revolution”, and the present and the future.


These seminars will be recorded by Ministry of Culture and Heritage. Start time 12.15pm. Tea and Coffee will be available


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