Mon 15 Apr 2019 AT 12:00 pm , Wellington

Civil Leadership as the Future of Leadership

Our societies, institutions and social fabric are currently in the early stages of a new technological revolution - the Digital Civil Revolution.

New technologies have an immense effect on the public sector. They give citizens more knowledge and information, public and political influence, and tools to organise themselves and so to disrupt politics, democracy and public services.

The new direct media channel is one of self-production: of, by and for citizens. It allows citizens to publicly share and support ideas. It is visible, shareable, and easily cited on other media channels as well as during public debates on formal government decisions such as laws, policies and appointments. This enables it to generate great influence.

Public sector officials will need to innovate and realise the creative means, new channels and working methods necessary to manage this disruption.

About the Speaker

Dr. Steven P.M. de Waal is a strategic consultant, entrepreneur and board member. He combines his extensive experience with research and academic reflection. He gained a doctorate degree from the University of Utrecht's Department of Public Management and Governance.

To systemise, substantiate and share his in-depth reflections, Dr. de Waal has written five (Dutch language) books and published a multitude of articles.

Dr. de Waal is a popular and frequent speaker at national and international management conferences and seminars throughout The Netherlands and Europe. He will be in New Zealand to participate in the forth international Public and Political Leadership (PUPOL) conference - Collaborative Leadership for a Sustainable Future, being held in Wellington, 11-12 April.