Thu 24 Oct 2019 AT 17:00 pm , Auckland

Public Sector Complexity and Accountability

Len Cook has a depth of understanding and experience in the system which shapes the world of public service professionals. He will be able to talk about some of the critical issues for the public sector coming in to 2020, relevant for central and local government alike. He will focus particularly upon public accountability, especially to citizens, to Maori and the most vulnerable and explore with the audience what evidence we use to assess how we are performing and the validity of this evidence.

About our speaker:

Len Cook is an Associate of the Victoria University of Wellington Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, a Member of the Remuneration Authority. He is a professional statistician with a career largely in official statistics, ending as NZ Government Statistician and UK National Statistician. He has managed statutory roles and leadership of public sector organisations with 600 and 5,000 staff through technology, methodology and structural transitions and left two major public organisations in good heart. A wee Pakeha lad from Dunedin, who has been a real “Sir Humphrey”, appointed as a Royal Commissioner, was the last Family Commissioner and more to go.