Wed 5 Aug 2020 AT 17:30 pm , Wellington

New Professionals - Building a Resilient Career

Join the IPANZ New Professionals for a panel discussion on how you can build a resilient career. This is a great opportunity to hear three interesting panellists share their experiences and insights into dealing with adversity throughout a career.

The session will provide you with knowledge on the key types of skills that new professionals could be looking at to insulate their careers against the shocks of tomorrow – a particularly relevant topic following the recent COVID-19 shifts in how we work and the overall labour market.

The panellists will also discuss other career defining moments such as international experience/moves, surviving the Global Financial Crisis, and its comparison to COVID-19, and how to deal with a career change. It’s a fantastic opportunity to hear from the best on how to equip yourself for the uncertain future.

Our Panelists:

Lauren Foster - Deloitte – Human Capital Partner, Consulting

Lauren leads the Human Capital practice in Wellington where she helps clients navigate complex transformations. With more than 15 years of experience, Lauren has primarily focused on supporting clients in strategic change, organisational design and technology adoption. She has also led teams to successfully drive value for clients on M&A, global corporate strategy, and projects involving training and learning strategy development. Lauren has served some of the Deloitte's largest clients in Financial Services, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Energy & Resources and the Public Sector. In her career at Deloitte, Lauren has worked across the U.S., U.K. and Asia Pacific. Lauren has a wealth of personal and professional experience when it comes to building a resilient career and is excited to share and discuss her experiences.

Henry Fyers - Deloitte – Cyber Risk Associate Director, Risk Advisory

Henry is an experienced Associate Director within the NZ Cyber practice. He is the national lead for our technical Cyber Incident Response capability in New Zealand.

Henry’s background is in IT and finance, previously building and selling a small IT company in NZ and setting up a technology consulting arm for a small consultancy in London, UK. He has broad experience delivering a full range of end-to-end cyber security services, and has lead the response to over 250 major cyber incidents in New Zealand. More generally, Henry has broad cyber experience including: performing social engineering tests (i.e. physically breaking into NZ businesses to steal their information), security for the control systems environments used to protect our power and water supply, and travelling through the Pacific to assist with uplifting cyber security capability.

The nature of Henry’s work means proper planning is challenging, and intense pressure can be applied without warning. He has an extremely diverse and successful working history which has equipped him with a unique and sought after skillset. Henry is excited to share his experiences and key skills he built in pursuit of building a resilient reputation and career.

Pouaka Parore – Victoria University of Wellington - Kaiakiaki (engagement adviser)

Pouaka is an alumnus of Victoria University of Wellington where he majored in Economics and Information Systems. With the determination to continue down a path of Information Technology,

Pou spent 3 years as a Technology Consultant at EY.

During this time, he had the opportunity to work on several engagements, notability Kiwi Banks upgrade of their legacy banking systems, ACC’s transformation programme and the Governments selling of social houses. As a result of these experiences, and the various learning opportunities he had, Pou decided to specialise in the field of Risk, with a focus on identifying, understanding and managing the risk portfolio associated to organisations financial systems.

In 2019, Pouaka made the decision to pursue a different path. He returned to his alma mater, Victoria University of Wellington, where he became a student engagement officer with the Maori unit at the university. This shift was prompted by many factors; however, the key variable was driven out of a need of having a greater understanding of his culture. Pouaka believes that, in the hypercompetitive world that we live in, ‘culture’ becomes a competitive advantage in any and all future endeavours.

Pouaka wants to thank Deloitte and IPANZ for providing him the opportunity to share the experiences that have assisted Pouaka towards building a resilient reputation and career here in Aotearoa!

Shelley Wood – INSIDE Recruitment - Director

Shelley’s specialty is executive contracting and with 18 years’ experience recruiting in the Wellington market, she is well networked with executive contractors and senior clients throughout the public sector. Shelley is one of the Directors at INSIDE and her specialisation is public policy (strategic, operational and implementation) and public sector communications.

Relationship management and networking is an integral part of Shelley’s business approach. She considers herself a passionate recruiter of “all things contracting” and understands the commercial importance of engaging the best talent for her clients, often within tight timeframes. Due to her strong interest and experience in the public sector, she enjoys providing insights into government recruitment as a whole.

Shelley’s extensive and successful track record in public sector recruitment puts her to in a unique position to share key skills of future public sector leaders and insights from the labour market over recent years and what this means for future opportunities and emerging skills profiles.