Fri 14 Aug 2020 AT 12:00 pm , Wellington

Public Sector Reputation 2020

The reputations of public sector agencies reached record highs as the COVID-19 crisis struck earlier this year, according to the Colmar Brunton annual Public Sector Reputation Index. However, we know how quickly reputation can be lost, particularly if agencies fail to deliver positive experiences at a time of unprecedented demand.

In this session, Edward Langley, Colmar Brunton Research Director, will discuss what the study showed New Zealander’s think are the most important factors for shaping high Public Sector reputation. He will also talk about how the public are responding differently in the post-lockdown environment, including their openness to, and scrutiny of, Public Sector messaging.

We will also hear from Rhys Jones, Chief Executive of Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ). FENZ took the top spot in 2020 for the fifth year running. It is rated most highly overall, and across each of the four pillars that shape reputation – trust, social responsibility, leadership, and fairness. This comes at a time, however, when the service is under scrutiny for bullying and harassment.

You can read the report here.