Mon 27 Sep 2021 AT 12:00 pm , Wellington

Face to Face with Digital Exclusion

The Citizens Advice Bureau has a unique perspective on this issue. They have talked to thousands of people who are trying to access public services, both digitally and in person. Too many are struggling. All public servants who are imbued with the spirit of service need to understand this and accelerate solutions to this ”people exclusion”.

Sacha Green from the Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB) will talk about the CAB’s submission to government just released which asks that we “leave no-one behind”. Her stories and the recommendations will enlighten you. IPANZ is delighted to offer you this perspective right from the frontline.

* Please note due to the current COVID Delta Level 2 restrictions we are limited to 50 attendees at all events. We plan to record events where possible to post on our website 7-10 days after the event, so that you can access the content if you are unable to attend.