IPANZ Business Plan: a new direction

Key areas for 2018-19

As part of the new strategy, IPANZ will focus on three priority areas.These include:

1.Identify and champion new ideas about the future of the public service

The environment the public service works in is rapidly changing.It is likely to look very different within the next decade, both in terms of the people it employs, the technological skills required and the services delivered.

2.Celebrate and promote excellence in the public service to New Zealanders

The public service needs to celebrate and promote its success more loudly.IPANZ will also aim to increase its visibility (via its events and activities) to provide a credible voice for public comment

3.Uphold key public service values and principles

While the environment public servants operate in is rapidly changing, the key public sector values and principles such as integrity, political neutrality, the provision of free and frank advice and stewardship remain constant.These core values and principles are as important today as they were in 1934, when IPANZ was established.

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