IPANZ News: Grant Robertson outlines Wellbeing Approach

18 Feb 2019 IPANZ News: Grant Robertson outlines Wellbeing Approach

Grant Robertson outlines a Wellbeing Approach

The 2019 ‘wellbeing’ Budget is just the start of a whole system change and wellbeing approach, Hon Grant Robertson told an IPANZ audience on 21 February.

He said the wellbeing approach would involve the whole of government working together as never before, and involving the private sector, NGOs, local government, iwi and business.

“A wellbeing approach means more robust financial and economic analysis, not less. It means analysing the whole system to understand how policy affects people, not just measuring impacts within agency silos.

“For the wellbeing approach to truly work then it has to become part of what we all do- Ministers, Chief Executives, the public and state sector as a whole. We all need to ask ourselves what changes do we need to make, and who do we need to collaborate with, so that a wellbeing approach becomes real, and not just the latest buzz word.”

Robertson said the Government made the decision to push for the new approach for Budget 2019 and acknowledged that it was difficult and wouldn’t be perfect. “But it’s the first step towards a multi-agency, collaborative approach.”

Read his speech (also attached to this email)


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