Change in IPANZ Presidency

Our board received the resignation of president Jo Cribb on Wednesday, 19 February, and has appointed Liz MacPherson as interim president.

Under Jo’s leadership we have refreshed our strategy, made internal organisational changes, increased the diversity on our Board and extended our thought leadership. She leaves IPANZ well-positioned for the future.

We sincerely thank Jo for she has done for IPANZ and for our membership, and wish her well.

Message from Jo Cribb

I wonder what the group of public servants moved by ‘their desire to learn something of the broader background and common principles of public administration which might not be evident in the ordinary work of a department’ in the 1930s, would think of IPANZ today.

Like me, I am sure they would be pleased to see IPANZ’s work to celebrate excellence through public service awards are now a regular part of the public management system. I am sure they will be pleased to see the depth and quality of debate that happens at regular IPANZ events. They will be impressed, I think, with the level of engagement and influence of IPANZ on issues such as public service reform.

I also hope they are pleased with the pivot IPANZ has made over the last few years, away from a focus on delivering an awards night, to a focus on improving the public service through identifying and championing new ideas, promoting excellence, and upholding key public service values and principles. IPANZ is doing this through our events programme, our e:update, our training and development offering, submissions and our Journal.

It has been my pleasure to have been IPANZ’s President for a few months shy of three years. Due to workload, I have stepped down and am pleased to have handed over to Liz MacPherson. I have been lucky enough to have known Liz since my first days as a public servant and know that IPANZ is in excellent hands.

That we have an independent organisation created by and for public servants to improve public service cannot be taken for granted. An independent body that provides constructive challenge, raises issues, and creates opportunities for discussion and innovation is critical to any system. IPANZ is just this for the public service. Its ongoing existence and influence is testament to the maturity of our system.

Behind the events that you have enjoyed, connections you have made, knowledge you have gained, the policies changed and influenced to improve the public service on your behalf, are a committed group of volunteers, funders and staff. Special acknowledgement must be made of current and past Board members who have stewarded IPANZ with much diligence and the wide circle of IPANZ friends who generously give of their time and expertise. If you have been lucky enough to interact with the IPANZ staff - Fiona, Della and Shenagh - you will also know of the competence and hard work that happens behind the scenes.

That IPANZ is in such great heart is also testament to you: the state servant, who like those who went before you 90 years ago, are committed to excellence and that desire to learn something of the broader background and common principles of public administration. Thank you for your support of IPANZ and commitment to service.