Keeping You Informed on the Progress of the Public Service Legislation Bill

Hannah Cameron, Deputy Commissioner, Strategy and Policy at the State Services Commission has provided us with a brief update on progress of the Public Service Legislation Bill.

  • Over the past three months the Governance and Administration have been considering the Public Service Legislation Bill. The Committee received over 150 submissions on the Bill and heard over 40 oral submissions (including those from current and past Public Servants). Officials from the State Services Commission and the Treasury spent over 10 hours meeting with the Committee to provide detailed advice.
  • Though the Committee’s consideration was disrupted by Covid-19 an extension was granted and the Committee continued to meet throughout May. The extended deadline of Monday 8 June passed and the Bill was discharged without report by the Committee. Advice provided to the Committee is now available on the Parliament website.
  • The next step for the Bill is the second reading speech by the Minister of State Services. The government is considering how improvements raised by submitters at Committee can still be reflected in the Bill and still expect the Bill to pass this Parliamentary term.