The IPANZ Website - Some Highlights

The IPANZ website has a great collection of information on it. We hope you dig into it from time to time to read things you have missed.

Here are three areas on the website that we think you might enjoy.


We receive lots of positive feedback about our e-updates. These three weekly electronic updates include interesting articles, ideas to stimulate thinking, and snippets we have found from overseas or New Zealand sources. We have all the e-updates here, listed in chronological order. We started them in their current form in November 2019, so they date back to then.

There are other items in the e-updates for example events, profiles, and links to our YouTube channel. And there is always a little item at the end on “what we are reading”.


This section has had various names over the years. We decided perspectives best summed it up. Here you can find the bigger pieces, often articles that have been written for or by IPANZ, sometimes copies of articles in the Journal that we have chosen to highlight. At times people write something for us that we use in our e-update, or we source a more substantial article from overseas that we put up in this section.

Right now, it is not sorted or ordered and is not searchable.  So it is a question of scrolling down the titles and dipping in to anything that appeals.

We welcome your feedback on refinements that would make this section more accessible and useful for you.


We have the current and past Public Sector journals in here — a source of deep knowledge and opinion going back many years. You might need a little longer to leaf through the pages of these journals, but it would be rewarding.

The journals are a member benefit so you will need your members password to get into these. Please contact Della at if you have any difficulty with using your password to access these.

We do at times publish articles on our perspectives page, but the full journal is for our member organisations, all their staff and subscribers to our journals.


There is of course more on the website, events, past events, profiles of our Board and staff and much more. But for now, we just wanted you to know about these three key areas.