IPANZ E-Update - 17 May 2021

Kia ora koutou

In our last e-update we talked about the danger of burnout for public sector professionals, with the COVID demands of the last year, and looking ahead to significant transformational change in many parts of the public sector, central and local government. The capacity and capability of the sector is stretched, putting particular pressure on key groups of staff - managerial, back office and front line.

In the context of these pressures and some constraints on pay increases, IPANZ is thinking about the challenge for public service agencies to demonstrate that they value their staff.


Climate Change Challenge for the Public Sector

IPANZ had the pleasure of hosting Dr Rod Carr to a session with some senior people with responsibility for implementing the likely changes flowing from the Climate Change Commission recommendations due at the end of May. From time to time IPANZ segments its database to focus its events towards a particular group amongst our members like this. However, the good thing for you all is that you can view his talk here. We were fortunate to have David Morgan from Deloitte complementing the talk with some practical tools here to apply at an operational level. Note his slides are very detailed.

A member of the audience asked if there were any initiatives to build the public sector capability at the whole system level to undertake the complex work required. We were not sure of the answer.

Co-Design is About Being and Doing our Work Differently

IPANZ is delighted to be part of the collective presenting to you an online symposium on co-design. You can view the details and register here. The impetus for IPANZ to work with our skilled partners to offer this came from our appreciation that, for some of the outcomes to which the public service aspires, a different way of working is needed.

The word co-design has become overused, to the point of losing its essential meaning. This is why we have called this symposium “ways of being, knowing and doing” because the ability to do this mahi may need a shift in mindset and practice, personally and organisationally.

IPANZ is honoured to be working with The Southern Initiative, Nga Āho, Tuakana Teina and also Allen and Clarke who have, in addition to providing their expertise, financially sponsored this event.

The attached paper is an early guidance document on co-design which covers some of the basics.

If You Want to Know How to Assess and Track Your Agency's Innovation

Creative HQ have worked with the Digital Public Service Branch of DIA, VUW and G2G at NZTE to develop a measurement tool to help scale innovation across the public sector - the Innovation Barometer. This tool has a good evidential base, building on the work of the Danish National Centre for Public Sector Innovation.

There was a pilot in 2020 which tested the approach, primarily using a survey of staff in four agencies, using a set of “stocks and substocks” – those elements that are known to contribute to public sector innovation. IPANZ would recommend viewing the 2020 pilot data here. The attached document summarising the Innovation Barometer invites public sector agencies to join the 2021 cycle. Joining this cycle will enable organisations to learn about their current capability and to track progress over time on the elements which can drive innovation.

The Social Procurement Recommendations from the Akina Foundation

The Akina Foundation have produced a report entitled A Roadmap for Impact. This report was produced for the Social Enterprise Sector Development Programme, publicly known as The Impact Initiative.

IPANZ shares with you in this link on the recommendations to Government on social procurement. These include the development of clear cross-government leadership of social procurement, the establishment of a body which coordinates actions across government agencies and the establishment effective market connections. Within this page is a link to the full document.

Find out more about H2R here


Refreshing Human Rights for Our Time and Place - The Crucial and Constructive Role of the Public Service

Wellington, Tuesday 25 May, 12.00-1.00pm

Paul Hunt, the Chief Human Rights Commissioner, argues that the public service is in a unique and strong position to advance New Zealand’s national and international human rights promises. If human rights are in the policy-mix early in the policy-making process, they can help officials design effective, robust, inclusive policies.

A skillful public official promotes human rights for everyone in Aotearoa
Read more and register here

Co-Design Symposium - Online Symposium, 9.30am-12.30pm - Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th, and Friday 9th July

This online symposium “ways of being, knowing and doing” will examine the capabilities and conditions needed to undertake co-design authentically in the public sector, alongside communities and tangata whenua. It will help you understand the benefits of co-design as a way of working together, as well as the values, practical skills and mindsets that underpin such an approach.

You will focus on building empowering relationships, how the public service can work in a new way with tangata whenua and communities, the importance and realities of sharing power. Governance, leadership, values, and how best to map a way forward to successful processes and outcomes.
Read more and register here

Read more here - Encouraging medical students to help Māori and Pasifika tamariki | Buddle Findlay


IPANZ along with the Policy Project is currently organising the training in futures thinking for the public servants working on the long-term insights briefings.

This has made us alert to the thinking and articles published around the near to medium future following the pandemic. What we are showing you here is a rather intriguing infographic.

Like New Zealand, Singapore is at the forefront of having managed COVID well. In October 2020, The Centre for Strategic Futures in Singapore produced a compelling (but very busy!) infographic showing environmental pressures after a year of the pandemic. Public servants looking strategically to the future might find this interesting. Take a look, and make sure you can read it on a large screen, it extends quite widely!

Find out more about The Johnson Group here


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