A Job Opportunity at IPANZ

We are proud of our productivity here in IPANZ. We produce all that we do, training, events, the Public Sector Journal,  e-updates, our social media posts, roundtable discussions and much more with a very small staff. In fact the core staff are actually just over 2 FTE. Quite some value for money for our members!

We have created a new Strategic Stakeholder Advisor role, which will focus on gathering intelligence and ideas to meet the needs of our members and, ensuring we are reaching as far as we possibly can with our material, including to the general public. If you know the public sector very well, are a great communicator, researcher and marketer, it could suit you.

Attached is the job description, if you are interested please call or write to the Executive Director, Shenagh Gleisner,  to discuss further - Shenagh@ipanz.org.nz or 0274 850 369.