IPANZ E-Update - 23 November 2021

Did you read on our Linkedin page about the award won by Te Taura Whiri - The Māori Language Commission – the supreme award at the International Public Relations Association Golden Awards for Excellence for their Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori campaign? 

Three things struck me about this. First, what an absolutely deserved accolade for the work of the Commission. Second, why don’t you become a follower on our IPANZ Linkedin page – we post some great stuff. Third, every single staff member of the Te Taura Whiri is signed up on our  membership database. If you work in an IPANZ member organisation, you are a member of IPANZ and you can get these great advantages too. Email us at admin@ipanz.org.nz about getting your staff all signed up.


A Vision for Digital Transformation

Watch Naomi Ferguson, Richard Foy and Pia Andrews in conversation with IPANZ President Liz MacPherson at our recent Leadership For Digital Transformation panel. You can view the event recording here with a brief summary too – here are some of the gems to entice you to watch.

  • Data is People - engage with citizens upfront and ask, what do you need to trust us with your information?
  • The technology shouldn’t limit or accelerate digital services – the need and vision should.
  • Design to deliver to the extremes, start with considering our highest needs citizens.
  • Provide a dignified experience, is more important than providing an efficient experience.

Myth of Resistance to Change

Paul Plsek is an interesting writer. In essence he says here that there is no such thing as a resistance to change. The problem is that people present a case for change that resonates with their own values but fails to connect with the values of their audience. Using values activates intrinsic motivation and if people driving change do not seek a genuine understanding of the core values of the people they are trying to influence, they will be seen as manipulative and will lack authenticity.

Within this article is a very nice set of the common values for health and social care professionals – think about them for yourself and for others.

Some More Thoughts on the Future Leadership Challenge

This is our second piece on this subject – with some different ideas on the capabilities needed for leadership in the public service in 2029. This note on our website summarises some of the key points from a study by Deloitte in the UK. The importance of networked leadership and of digital capability are two points they emphasise.

NZ Innovation Barometer - Case Study, Data Protection and Use Policy

We hope you have been following our two articles up to now on innovation – one outlining what the innovation barometer and one talking about what drives innovation in an organisation. This case study makes this all really practical for you. 

We hope you enjoy it. Thank you Creative HQ.

System Stewardship 

We have noted the interest that IPANZ members have shown in system stewardship. We link you to a brief article from ANZSOG, but there is also a video of a panel discussion which you can watch, time allowing. 

The gems for us were, reimagining accountability to be about learning systems, curiosity and trust as key enablers of system stewardship, the importance of storytelling and relationships and the courage to devolve more power.

Kim Jacinda Un? 

Dave Armstrong has written a characteristically humorous piece for our December Public Sector Journal, out next week, talking about the current critique in the media regarding our response to COVID-19. This paragraph might prompt you to read more.   

“Are we now a North-Korea-style dictatorship, as former Prime Minister John Key recently commented, or a Nazi-style regime, as many others have claimed? Not according to Dominion Post editor Anna Fifield, who visited North Korea 12 times and has written a book about its leader. “Kim Jong Un (recently) had his defence minister killed with an anti-aircraft gun ... in front of a crowd of officials, after the minister fell asleep during a meeting ...,” wrote Fifield.  

“People go, ‘It’s like Nazi Germany, these lockdowns,’” said English comedian Bill Bailey. “Yes, that’s what the Nazis are know for, isn’t it? Mild inconvenience.” 

Read more about H2R here


It's been another busy and somewhat disrupted year of IPANZ Events! As we reach the end of our event programme, we round 2021 out with two  lunchtime events exploring Public Sector Collaboration - these events are fully booked, we will record them and post on our website for those of you who have missed securing a place.

Due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions we have made the difficult decision to not proceed with our annual End of Year event, celebrating the year that was. We hope that we can arrange a celebratory event in 2022, we will keep you posted.

Introducing Our Sponsors for the Public Sector Conference

Our Public Sector Conference is being held on 22 February 2022 and we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Conference sponsors, starting with Skills Consulting Group. 

Skills Consulting Group is a full-service international consultancy – working with businesses, industry bodies and governmental agencies. We have a long history of working with public sector organisations in Aotearoa/New Zealand. For example, we have been at the forefront of developing G-REG to build the capability of regulators and their organisations. And, we have worked very effectively encouraging Māori and Pacific young people into employment and careers.

We have almost 30 years’ experience in workplace capability and can tailor unique solutions to help grow your people and organisation well. The best workplaces recognise that productivity and the wellbeing of people go hand-in-hand so, with every solution, we make sure that people and their wellbeing are always at the very centre.

Read about their Wellbeing Services

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