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22 September 2022

BusinessDesk & IPANZ Working in the Public Service Survey - OPEN FOR PARTICIPATION

Does New Zealand’s central government live up to its stated principles? How good is your experience at work as a public employee in NZ? BusinessDesk and IPANZ are teaming up to conduct the ‘Working in the Public Service’ survey, to better understand working in NZ’s central government today.


07 September 2022

A Note From Our President - September 2022

Apologies. I have been reflecting recently on what it means to apologise as a public servant leader. Apologising for things that happen under your watch has always seemed very straight forward to me. As the leader of an organisation, you take the good with the bad. If you are prepared to take credit for the fantastic things your organisation delivers day in and day out under your leadership but without your direct involvement, you must also be prepared to own the mistakes, which again you may have had no direct involvement in. Own it, fix it, learn from it. Sometimes owning it, being accountable, means stepping away and allowing the organisation to fix and learn under a new leader.