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25 March 2021

A Note from Our President - April 2021

Copied from our current (April 2021) Public Sector Journal Is soft power our super-power? Just this week, the Global Soft Power Index 2021 was published. New Zealand was recognised as the fastest rising nation in the new rankings, reflecting the way we have collectively responded to COVID-19. Now, like me, you may have had no idea that the Global Soft Power Index even existed and may share my scepticism of indices run by brand management firms. However, it did trigger some thoughts. “Soft power” is defined as the ability for a country to use its reputation, networks, and standing to have influence around the world. It is about being able to attract, build, and mobilise networks of people. It is the opposite of might-based “hard power”.


02 March 2021

A Note from Our President - December 2020

Copied from our December 2020 Public Sector Journal Ka whangaia, ka tupu, ka puawai – That which is nurtured grows, then blossoms I recently attended a hui where the participants were asked for their “why”. Why were they participating? Why were they giving up their time and their energy? What did they hope to achieve from being part of the emergent kaupapa. Each person recorded their thoughts in silence. Virtually to a person, the answer was a variation on “my mokopuna”, “my grandchildren”, or even “my mokopuna’s mokopuna”. This is the essence of stewardship – supporting and taking decisions that will improve the wellbeing of our mokopuna and the world we leave to them.