IPANZ works to support the development of a high performing Public Sector, respected and valued by New Zealanders.


08 June 2022

Message from the Departing Executive Director – Shenagh Gleisner

The foundations are there. The Public Service Act shifted the dial, set the tone, offered a springboard. It provided the beginnings of what may be profound change. But good foundations and promising beginnings have trumpeted transformational change many times in the public service. Enabling legislative frameworks, new initiatives, and fresh advisory groups proliferate, but few things change unless there is relentless urgency to implement what is promised.


18 May 2022

Dr Kay Booth appointed as new IPANZ Executive Director

The IPANZ Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Kay Booth to the position of IPANZ Executive Director, replacing outgoing Executive Director Shenagh Gleisner. Kay brings to the role a passion for the potential of the public sector to make a difference combined with an extensive career spanning the public, private and university sector and including senior leadership in the public service, consulting, science, tertiary teaching and governance roles on Crown and not-for-profit Boards. Kay has also established and operated several businesses.