The Wellbeing Budget and Child Poverty

This event had Girol Karacaoglu, Head of School, and Jonathan Boston, Professor of Public Policy, in the School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington, provide insights into the Wellbeing Budget and how it might succeed in its ambition to improve the wellbeing of all New Zealanders, with particular focus on the wellbeing of children. 

Girol set the context for the Wellbeing Budget, outlining it's priority areas and the evidence which shows declining outcomes across all the major pillars underpinning wellbeing - the natural environment,  our society and our economy. He asserts, the key to successfully addressing declining outcomes lies in designing policies which take into account the interdependencies between the environmental, societal and economic influences on wellbeing. Jonathan focused on the key budget initiatives, strategies and future challenges for dealing with child poverty and wellbeing.

Their presentations can be found below and are well worth viewing.