New Professionals - Spotlight on the Cross-Agency COVID-19 Response

The IPANZ New Professionals and Deloitte hosted the Spotlight on Cross-agency/Sector COVID-19 Response event, which highlighted some of the great public sector success stories of collaboration, impact and overcoming of systemic barriers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event involved a panel of three leaders from various Government responses who shared their stories, perspectives and insights of what life was like on the ground at the heart of New Zealand’s response to COVID-19.

The panel consisted of Leigh Marsh from Corrections NZ, representing the Justice Sector response, Bronwyn Marshall from New Zealand Police, representing the Front Line Policing and Compliance Response, and Sam Holmes from New Zealand Treasury, representing the Wage Subsidy Response.

Panellists shared the challenges caused by a sudden disruption to their typical ways of working, and how they overcame such challenges through collaboration, a reduction of regulation related pressures and, most importantly, hard work and commitment from some highly talented and dedicated teams.

Each panellist brought their own energy and personality to the discussion to create an engaging event which brought the Government sector response to life for the audience.

Thank you to the panellists for their time and contributions, and to the audience who attended the event.