Mastering the Art of Free and Frank Advice

Attached below is the transcript of a speech made by Andrew Kibblewhite to IPANZ members in August of 2016 on the topic of Free and Frank Advice. He was then the Head of the Policy Profession and Chief Executive of DPMC.

This speech offers much wisdom on the subject of Free and Frank Advice, including but not limited to, “Tell Ministers what they need to hear, not what you think they want to hear”. “Policy advice needs to be fearless.  It needs to be bold in striving for new and different ways of doing things…” 

He emphasises the importance of working with the Minister’s staff to ensure the political and policy lines of advice understand each other. He says, “ the no go zone for me is when ministerial advisor act in ways that prevent officials independent advice getting through to the Minister”  

This speech is well worth a read if you are grappling with issues around offering Free and Frank Advice..