A Review of the Literature on Joint Ventures in the Public Sector

What makes joint working and joint ventures successful? – insights from the literature

Rodney Scott and Derek Gill

This paper, written to support an IPANZ roundtable workshop, explores the literature on interagency collaboration, focusing on more formal collaboration including joint ventures. The discussion is limited to collaboration within central government although similar issues arise in international, central-local, public-private, and public-NGO working. It does not attempt to argue for or against any particular collaboration model, but instead to contextualise joint ventures within a contingent framework of interagency collaboration. This summary of the literature is intended to create a shared language and shared understandings for participants in the roundtable.

You can read the full Literature Review below. You can also read this accompanying articlefor further commentary on this important topic.

Rodney Scott and Derek Gill are both members of the IPANZ Board. The paper was prepared in their private capacity and does not represent the views of IPANZ or their respective employers.