Public Sector Journal 47.1 - Autumn 2024

We have a great collection of articles, here are the topics covered in this issue:

  • President's message: O le ala i le pule o le tautua - The pathway to leadership is service
  • Going, growing, gone: Prof. Paul Spoonley comments on the public sector in a ‘new’ New Zealand
  • Spirit, trust, and change: Taylah Shuker, winner of the 2023 IPANZ Public Administration Prize shares her story
  • Making it real: How to implement AI in the public sector
  • Te Rau Hihiri: Nurturing Māori in the public sector
  • More heat than light: IPANZ contributions to the free and frank advice discussion
  • From the classroom to the public sector: The difference civics education can make
  • History of the Ministry of Works
  • Public governance: Iti Kōpara steps up
  • Ombudsman launches free online learning about official information
  • Book and podcast reviews
  • Did you know? How Parliament's budget cycle works