Public Sector Capabilities in Challenging Times

Public Sector Capabilities in Challenging times

IPANZ and Victoria University of Wellington Webinar, 10 April 2024


  • Geoff Plimmer - Associate Professor, School of Management
  • Karl Löfgren - Head of School, School of Government
  • Annika Naschitzki – PhD candidate
  • Richard Hamblin – PhD candidate


The New Zealand public sector has reached a watershed moment: Budget cuts and restructures lead to extreme uncertainty. A tough time for organisations, their staff, and their leaders.

IPANZ, and the Wellington School of Business and Government, present “public sector capabilities in challenging times”. An active discussion between academics and practitioners – focused on what is useful and realistic in practice.

Geoff Plimmer, Associate Professor - School of Management, and Karl Löfgren, Head of School - School of Government provide an introduction to change management foundations and leadership, including:

  • consultants and effective change
  • using goals effectively – how to avoid trade-offs and get effective change,
  • restructuring – managing pitfalls


This package contains two resources: