Public Sector Journal 47.2 - Winter 2024

You can read the journal online here. The topics covered in this issue:

  • President's message:
  • Navigating change
  • Digital twins and the transformation of urban planning
  • AI in the public sector: A focus on trust, ethics, and responsibility
  • It’s time to set up public policy apprenticeships
  • Keystrokes per minute: Women in the public service typing pools
  • He Māori Ahau: A transformative conference empowering Māori success and unity
  • The power of data-driven social investment
  • From industries and commerce to MBIE: A new super-department
  • Cutting red tape: Beware ‘verschlimmbesserung‘
  • Book and podcast reviews
  • Did you know? About the PSA

IPANZ_Winter 2024.pdf