Mon 21 Aug 2017 AT 12:30 pm , Wellington

Ian Axford (New Zealand) Fellowship Seminar: Amy Downs

Amy Downs: From Theory to Practice: the Promise of Primary Care in New Zealand

Amy Downs from Denver, Colorado, is researching access and equity in New Zealand's primary health care system at Treasury.

Amy is Vice President of the Colorado Health Institute where she leads the organisation's policy analytics work.

Amy Downs Abstract - The Promise of Primary Care in New Zealand.pdf

The Ian Axford (New Zealand) Fellowships in Public Policy programme offers outstanding American professionals the opportunity to gain experience in public policy in New Zealand, and to gain first-hand knowledge of economic, social and political reforms, and management of the government sector.

The programme has three goals: to reinforce New Zealand-United States links; to improve public policy practice in both countries by the cross-fertilisation of ideas and experience; and to build an on-going network of public policy experts on both sides of the Pacific. Towards the end of their Fellowships, the Fellows report back at a public seminar. We encourage members of the public service to attend this seminar, in order to learn about interesting projects that have been undertaken by practitioners who have a US perspective.