Jeff Montgomery, Registrar-General spoke to IPANZ in Auckland on 21 March

The Department of Internal Affairs launched the Birth Registrations Online (BRO) in March 2015. This service enables parents to register the birth of their child at a time and place convenient to them – over 90% of all births in New Zealand are now registered online. BRO – Birth Registrations Online won the Microsoft Award for Excellence in Digital Government at the Deloitte IPANZ Public Sector 2016 Excellence Awards.

This project set-out to replace a time-consuming and paper-based process with an electronic system available 24/7. Parents can now register their new-born baby within days, rather than weeks, receive a birth certificate and access a range of services in different agencies for their baby – and this is was just the beginning.

In late 2016 SmartStart was launched. This pulls together, in one web application, all the information expecting and new parents need. It provides a one-stop-shop for transactions – parents can now register their baby, get a tax number and change their benefit payments with digital tick. And there is more coming soon.