All sectors are part of one system, each playing our role to reduce inequities

This was much in evidence on Tuesday evening when Deloitte and IPANZ hosted a workshop to debate the conclusions of the Deloitte’s State of the State series.

We invited NGOs, central government departments, local government, and people from the wider health sector. Not only do we find enormous richness in the challenging perspectives from different parts of the system. But also, if we are to have any impact on inequities, we all contribute to solutions. This was the challenge on Tuesday, talking together about what could be the most powerful actions to promote real change.

Adithi Pandit (photograhed) from Deloitte eloquently covered the conclusions from this set of interesting papers. We have attached the infographic summarising these and you can delve into all six papers here if you wish.

Deloitte are now collating the options discussed and once this is done we will post some of the ideas. The conversation and joint action can then keep developing.