Meet the Team - Christine Langdon

Christine Langdon joined the IPANZ team last November as our communications and marketing whizz — helping to transform our e-updates, social media and other communications, including introducing more video content.

Christine is passionate about doing work that’s good for people and the planet, so alongside her work with IPANZ she also works with several other businesses and organisations that are doing good, and runs a social enterprise called The Good Registry — a gift website where people ‘gift the power to do Good’.

Since Christine joined the IPANZ team, we’ve started sharing informative content on our social media channels at least three to four times each week, and we’ve created a presence on YouTube — where we’ve now shared about 20 videos including presentations, interviews and expert advice on lots of different topics.

Christine also helps us to produce our e-update every three weeks, including plenty of public sector news and insights from New Zealand and overseas and information about IPANZ activities and events.

Christine started her career as a journalist, working on provincial and national newspapers in New Zealand and overseas, then switched to working in communications. 

Her first communications role was in the public sector as Chief Media Adviser at Child, Youth and Family, and she’s contracted to a wide range of different public sector agencies since. She has also worked in the NGO and corporate sectors.

Three years ago Christine co-founded The Good Registry, which enables people to ‘gift kindness instead of stuff’ through charitable gift cards and charitable registries. It has now raised $380,000, given thousands of people the joy of giving, and replaced 12,500 physical gifts (along with all of the associated packaging and waste) with donations to good causes instead.

She now divides her time between The Good Registry and communications consulting, and when she’s not working, she likes to practice yoga, cycle, run, and get out into nature as often as she can.