IPANZ E-Update - 14 December 2021

Here is the cover of our December Public Sector Journal. It speaks of summer. We hope so much that you get a break, you find the space to relax, to refresh, you reconnect with people and you take time to reflect upon the many achievements at the end of this tough year.  

We will be sending a copy of this Journal to our database, just as a one off. Please enjoy it and take out a subscription, get your agency to join IPANZ or become an individual member if you wish to continue to receive this wonderful member-only  benefit for 2022. Contact us at admin@ipanz.org.nz


Tips to Establish a National Collaborative Process

IPANZ members were given a masterclass in how to approach establishing a multi-sector, multi-agency, national collaboration Predator Free 2050 at one of our lunchtime events two weeks ago. The Department of Conservation is at the heart of this work, but it includes multiple agencies and people, from iwi, local government, NGOs, landowners and so many more.

You will take your own key messages away, but we liked the mindset needed, no way to short cut the building of trust, resource a collaboration backbone, and make sure the people around the table have the mandate to commit. In fact, go onto our website and particularly look at the ten top tips which is the last slide on the slide deck, that will get you a long way on the road to effective collaboration.

You can view the video recording and presentation slides here

The Benefit of Truly Valuing Our Pacific Public Servants 

This is an eloquent account of how the public service can build Pacific capability and capacity. It challenges our biases in the recruitment process, asks us to see humility as a strength, and to put a high premium on trust and relationships. Thank you to Romeo for bravely sharing these important perspectives.

Inspiring Parting Words from John Edwards

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards is off to London. He shared his terrific insights with IPANZ. These include, the importance of all data systems being designed around the citizen; the exciting challenge of framing aspects of data protection through a communal lens; understanding and making the most of emerging technologies without causing harm; and put an end to the compliance, check-box culture. There is much more to think about in this Q&A article featuring in our December Public Sector Journal.

We Must Get Better at Investing to Increase the Life Chances of Vulnerable Children

This is a research brief from Koi Tu, informed too by Professor Richie Poulton. They use the term “executive functions” – do not be put off by this – it is the term to describe the fundamental ability to live harmoniously, learn, solve problems and control impulses. The ability to do these things are established at the very earliest stage of life, in the womb, as a very small baby. If they are not established then, it is extremely hard to make up for this failure later in life. It is very clear what causes these problems. Whilst this is well known, we do not wrap really effective help around the very most vulnerable mothers and children to overcome these stressors which totally shape later life and consequent life long inequities.

Sign Up for the Innovation Barometer 

In the last editions of the e update you have read about the work of Creative HQ and the innovation barometer. Here are some details to encourage your agency to sign up.

Read more about H2R Here


With our 2021 Events Programme having wound up for the year, planning for our 2022 events is well underway - here are a few that we already have confirmed for February 2022. 

IPANZ Annual Address with Hon Grant Robertson - Thursday 24 February 2022, WELLINGTON

Join us to hear from Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Hon Grant Robertson as he outlines the government's priorities for the year ahead. 

Read more and register here

Parliament in Practice Seminar - Monday 21 February 2022, WELLINGTON

Parliament in Practice is back in 2022 with a new and improved, extended and revised seminar programme.

Parliament in Practice provides an introductory overview of the roles and functions of Parliament and explores the legislative, select committee and cabinet processes, parliamentary scrutiny, and a tour of Parliament. It also considers strategies for working effectively with Ministers.

Read more and register here

Leading Digital Programmes to Transform Public Services - 10, 17 & 24 February 2022, ONLINE

If you are going to be leading a digital programme in your department/agency, this series is a must. It will teach you how to improve the digital experience you offer, how to effectively and efficiently roll out the projects needed to bring digital platforms up to date and, finally, how to measure and communicate the success of those projects, far beyond the point at which they go live.

Read more and register here

We will keep you posted as we confirm further events. We look forward to seeing you in 2022.

We will be sending out our December Public Sector Journal later this week. Have a look at the article on a major new research project on evaluation in the Public Sector, written by Dr Jacqueline Cumming and her colleagues.

 Read more about Allen & Clarke evaluation here

Some Of The Sponsors Of Our Public Sector Conference Introduce Themselves To You 

IPANZ is proud to have respectful and mutually supportive relationships with two sponsors briefly profiled below. We appreciate the way in which these two organisations commit to support to IPANZ and how we together find ways of adding value to the public sector.

The public service is critical to the wellbeing and prosperity of New Zealand. Deloitte is a proud long-term supporter of IPANZ. Both organisations make important contributions to our government and public service and share similar aims and objectives. Deloitte is committed to making an impact and improving public outcomes through a focus on people and working alongside public sector organisations to ensure they reap the benefits of change, emerging technology, processes, and ideas. Deloitte is honoured to support IPANZ and the work they do to create insights and promote improvement within the public sector, through initiatives such as the Public Sector Conference.

As a sponsor of the upcoming conference, we're looking forward to hearing from a range of experts and the discussions to be had around the public sector of the future.

As leading legal advisers to a range of public sector clients, Russell McVeagh is proud of the long-standing relationship we have with IPANZ and its members. IPANZ plays an important role in supporting the development of a high-performing public sector and bringing together a network of people with a vested interest in improving public sector policy and administration. The opportunity the forum provides to hear from experts on emerging issues first-hand and network with our peers and colleagues in the public sector is of great value to our firm.


IPANZ has regularly shared thinking about how to do things differently, bearing in mind the state of flux of our world. Above all working with the collective wisdom in our communities.

As stated by the OECD, “Beth Noveck’s book is a universal reminder of the importance of investing in public sector capability and collective intelligence if we want to solve the most pressing issues our democracies face today.”

Let’s talk more about this in 2022.

Solving Public Problems by Beth Noveck

Read more about The Johnson Group here

The IPANZ Office will be closed from 24 December until 13 January 2022 -  Wishing You All a Very Safe Break.