IPANZ E-Update - 2 February 2022

Welcome to 2022. The joy of a warm summer break not yet a long distant memory, but still so much uncertainty, and division, weariness and sadness. It is important to hold on to opportunities, a chance for renewal, if we can.

The theme for this e-update is on potential opportunities, for both individual and collective change. It also celebrates remarkable heroism in communities.

Shenagh Gleisner, Executive Director


Rethinking What Cities Are For

We can see the visible impact of COVID-19 on our cities. Whilst we might wish we could return to pre COVID-19, this is neither possible nor desirable, as laid out in this brief article.

Cities were already struggling prior to COVID-19, with online purchasing and the gig economy to mention but two trends influencing high streets. Now is a chance to rethink what cities are and above all, who are they for? Many brief examples are given in this article for you to follow up. For example the Amsterdam City Doughnut strategy, or the Leeds Carbon Road map, or participatory budgeting in Porto Alegre. There are a wonderful set of ideas and they start with the appreciation that cities are going to transform.

How Should Public Servants Become Deep Listeners to Communities? Can it Make a Difference?

People do not always feel adequately “listened to” by public servants or government. This article, coming from the Centre for Public Impact, explores the steps to deeply listen to people in communities, capturing the words, sense-making. They claim that so doing can enhance decisions and actions from the public sector.

There is an interesting point embedded in this article, that some public servants found the boundaries of their role limited their full action in response to what they hear. This is a tricky balance, engaging in more effective listening, but avoiding raising expectations about ability to fully deliver on everyone's aspirations.

How Will We Look Back On This Time of Turmoil, Change and Upheaval?

Embedded in this rather philosophical and literary article about change are some messages that are enormously valuable. Particularly as our world is so much in flux. We noted “appreciating things now but also understanding that they are not forever”: “distinguish between things that are in our control and things that are not”: “change is the one certainty of life” “the natural world is always changing and if we want to live happily with nature, we have to live in harmony with it” and “upheaval is desirable because fresh, untainted groups seize opportunity”.

In relation to our current environment, the author argues, it is not about controlling or repressing, for example, it is more an act of calm rational caution to self-isolate, not motivated by panic, fear or anxiety.

The Positive and Negative Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19 on Society

This is a good summary of a collection of expert visions for the post-pandemic world. In a series of 57 interviews, the authors invited scientists, futurists and others to reflect on the positive and negative societal or psychological change that might occur after the pandemic.

The positive consequences included:

  • Increased solidarity
  • Attention to inequities because of how they have been exposed
  • A reaffirmation of the importance of social connections

The negative consequences included:

  • Political unrest
  • Increased racism and prejudice

There are other ideas in this article. What do you think?

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LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER - Leading Digital Programmes to Transform Public Services - 10,17 & 24 February 2022, ONLINE

For some time, there has been a push towards digital transformation in government. Leading digital projects is not just for people who work in the digital space. Everyone leading projects in the Public Service is likely to need digital skills, whether you are in a policy team, communications team, customer service or any other part of the Public Service. Understanding digital methodologies and building your digital capabilities in leadership are becoming ever more important.

This online course will provide you with the knowledge and resources to successfully lead and implement a digital programme.

Read more and register here

2021- Reflections and Insights Online Panel Event - Tuesday 15 February, 5.30-6.40pm, ONLINE

We have assembled a fantastic panel of speakers to reflect on the highlights and lowlights of the year and to look to the year ahead and share what they think the big issues will be!

Our panelists are:

  • Dr Shane Reti – National List MP
  • Fran O’Sullivan – Head of Business, NZME
  • Richard Harman – Journalist and Political Commentator
  • Spiro Anastasiou from SenateSHJ will facilitate the session.

This panel event will be delivered via Zoom - the Zoom link will be emailed to all registrants a few days prior to the event.

Read more and register here

Parliament in Practice Seminar - Monday 21 February, 8.30am-4.00pm, WELLINGTON

Parliament in Practice is back in 2022 with a new and improved seminar programme.

Parliament in Practice provides an introductory overview of the roles and functions of Parliament and explores the legislative, select committee and cabinet processes, parliamentary scrutiny, and a tour of Parliament. It also considers strategies for working effectively with Members of Parliament.

IPANZ has taken a cautious approach to prioritise attendee safety by setting a registration limit below the permitted number, to ensure ample social distancing, so please register quickly

As we promised, no more postponements. Our Public Sector Conference will be delivered ONLINE on February 22nd 2022.

We are delighted to have retained the whole programme and our terrific speakers, we would love all those registered to join us (you will have received an email), and lots of new people to register – we can extend the reach of this great conference across Aotearoa. This is your chance to register, no more wait lists!

The price is reduced, but the quality retained. We will capture the interaction amongst panel members through recording in a studio, some speakers will be virtual, you as the audience can put your questions through our facilitators for all sessions.

We are so sorry not to offer all the face to face networking but we will do our very best to offer you a very positive day.

You can view the programme here, and register here

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Thank you to THE SPINOFF for this article. An inspiring collection of stories about people in communities who are truly changing the world. IPANZ celebrates them and so many others like them.


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